An End of Summer Moodboard

This is one of our favorite times of the year. Cooler mornings and evenings slowly begin to bookend the radiant heat of the day, at least in the mountains and on the coast. Our cravings turn from berries to sun ripened stone fruits; our coffee goes from iced to hot and fragrant.

We begin to layer our crisp cotton and linen with lightweight fleece. Our days become more structured, and the possibility of a new season's arrival scents the air.

 The comfort and ease of adding extra layers when getting dressed is refreshing. We crave seasonal recipes and activities that were on hiatus during the hottest months.


The sunlight takes on a new form; an old golden friend returned to peek through the leaves. Above all, it's a time for renewal and transformation. Summer will always have our heart, but the in-between times are sweet too.