An Inspired Week of Meals

With Spring's bloom on the (distant) horizon, our thoughts are turning to lighter but still satisfying meals. And with many people trying meatless Mondays (or just cutting back altogether) we put together an un-boring week of simple meal ideas that are easy to put together and delicious to eat.
We're starting the week with a lighter take on a Cobb Salad with a light lemon vinaigrette.
Hand drawn illustration of Cobb Salad
Tuesday is a comforting take on the "Topped Toast" craze.
Hand drawn Black Bean Toast
Wednesday is tasty plate of veggies prepared in 3 easy ways.
Hand drawn illustration of a veggie platter.
Thursday's meal is a simple one of Lentil soup and toasted naan bread.
Hand drawn illustration of lentil soup
Friday is a celebration with veggie tacos and the tastiest broccoli/cauliflower mix.
Hand drawn sketch of veggie tacos
These meal pairings can be cooked at home, store-bought, or a combination. We hope you feel inspired to try these and create your own inspired pairings.