Coffee Chat with Green Girl Leah

We sat down at our favorite coffee shop (Urth Caffe) with Leah Thomas, creator and writer for blog Green Girl Leah, and talked sustainability and the future of fashion. We’ve always admired her dedication to a sustainable and healthy lifestyle and couldn’t wait to meet with her!
Her Path to Sustainability:
When asked about how her passion for green living began, she explained how her love for nature started at a young age. Her Grandmother, a practitioner of Buddhism, taught her about the interconnectedness of the world and nature. Leah went on to major in Environmental Science in college. During her first year in college, the Ferguson unrest and riots occurred a few blocks away from her home. Leah realized she wanted to make a change and utilize her strengths to try and make a difference for people of color and low-income areas. She believed that change could happen if they had the opportunity to connect more with nature.
On Living A Relaxed Lifestyle:
Leah shared her key to a relaxed lifestyle: to be nonjudgmental. She explained that when she isn’t judgmental of herself she isn’t of others. She tries to be present every day and exercise self-compassion, which then translates to empathy for others.
On Sustainable Fashion:
We asked for Leah’s thoughts on where the fashion industry is headed. She had just gone to a conference in New York, where she learned only 5% of Gen Z is satisfied with the current state of the fashion industry and 80% believe more can be done to improve the industry and make it more sustainable for our planet. It is apparent that Gen Z is demanding change for sustainable fashion and Leah expects for the industry to push towards normalizing sustainability as well as embracing a circle economy.
Leah’s Eco-friendly Must Haves:

We were curious if Leah had some eco-friendly staples she could share. Top picks: a reusable water bottle and green beauty products. She brings her reusable water bottle everywhere because it’s not only better for the environment, but it also motivates her to drink more water throughout the day. She likes to treat herself and practice self-care with green beauty products.
Her Favorite Sustainable Apparel Brands:
We also talked about some of her favorite sustainable fashion brands. Patagonia is a top pick thanks to the quality of their clothing and their passion around tackling sustainability. They also have repair programs in which their mobile team will go to college campuses to repair damaged clothing.
Other favorites: Christy Dawn, Eileen Fisher, and Organic Basics.
We are so happy we got to meet with Leah and learn more about her and her passion for a green lifestyle. Check out Leah’s blog and Instagram!