Do Something Nice Day

Do Something Nice Day
Saturday October 5th marked National Do Something Nice Day and it got us thinking about what we can do during our day to make someone else’s a little brighter. We rapidly move through our days and can become less in touch with those around us. You never know what is going on in another person’s life and sometimes a simple hello and acknowledgement means the world.
Doing something nice for someone can be a simple gesture to show you care. Opening the door for the person behind you or shooting someone a smile when they pass by are effortless acts and should become a part of our daily routine. Our heads are constantly in our phones, so basic human interactions can often be ignored. There’s so much in the world around us that goes unnoticed because we can’t unplug while we’re walking alone or running day-to-day errands.
Whether you buy the next person in line their coffee at a coffee shop, get a friend or family member flowers “just because", or say hello to someone in the elevator, it makes a person feel noticed and appreciated.
Spreading sincere kindness and love and focusing on others will make this world a happier place... so start today with a smile.