Don’t Look Away: Los Angeles’ Homeless Crisis

Don’t Look Away: Los Angeles’ Homeless Crisis
The LA Relaxed headquarters is located just southeast of the Downtown LA Metro Area. Many of us, on our daily commutes, drive directly through Skid Row. While the bulk of that used to encompass a few square miles, the boundaries have spread to take over much of downtown Los Angeles. Every bridge and underpass in the area is lined with tents and makeshift shelters, trash is piled up on sidewalks and gutters, and so many are constantly exposed to the elements; all this while homeless housing is at capacity and more is under construction.
Scene in Los Angeles | Homeless Epidemic
Many outlets have reported the rising crisis happening all over California due to stagnant wages, lack of rent control, and scarcity of affordable and low-income housing. Los Angeles in particular is so affected that some city council members are calling for a State of Emergency. The statistics for 2019 put the number of homeless at over 58,000 people just in Los Angeles County – up 16% from last year. Even more staggering: YOUTH homelessness is up by 24%.
Little Tokyo | Downtown LA | Homelessness in LA
 Scene in Little Tokyo, DTLA.
While measures are being taken to free up funding and increase housing and shelters, the numbers are heartbreaking. As a city, the crisis affects all of us and requires a collective effort. While we’ve collaborated with a variety of local shelters in the past, we wanted to undertake something more lasting and meaningful. We’ve partnered with S.P.Y. (Safe Place for Youth), a Venice-based organization that provides meals, housing, employment opportunities, and much more. You can read more about our partnership here. We’ve started to collaborate via pop-ups and special events with proceeds going back to S.P.Y, and we look forward to expanding on that. Stay tuned next month for a special Q&A with the President of S.P.Y AND a special item we will be launching in their honor.
Homelessness in LA | DTLA
Alameda St. in DTLA.
If you would like to donate directly to S.P.Y please click here.
SPY | safe Place for Youth