Fall-ing in Love with LA

Fall-ing in Love with LA
Fall in Los Angeles is less of a full-fledged season, and more of a long, slow transition into an eventual mild winter. This time of year the temperatures haven’t begun to drop in the city but the beach communities start to feel cooler in the mornings and evenings with the reappearance of coastal fog.
Beach Love

Layering is key and a cozy blanket is the perfect fix for chilly shoulders during morning coffee.

Fall Leaf

The leaves are months away from falling and the foliage is verdant and lush even as the afternoon light begins to shift ever so subtly into a more muted golden glow.



The days are slowly getting shorter but the still-warm evening air lends itself to lingering at a patio café or a balcony with a view.


beach blanket 


The lattes are still iced but seasonal flavors are starting to creep onto the menu. Local farmers markets are phasing out strawberries and focusing on local apples and pears grown in the central valley.


Fall Apple

Although everyone is back to the daily grind of work and school, we try to squeeze every last drop out of this magical transition – the beach days continue, the tank tops remain in heavy rotation, and the sunsets, arriving earlier, are as breathtaking as ever.


Malibu Sunset