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The pace of life seems to be getting faster each year and self-care has become an entire industry due to the demand for emotional and physical restoration. While we know millennials are getting hit hard with burnout (with all the attending think-pieces) all ages and generations are feeling the grind start to wear. For some, it’s the inability to disconnect from their emails and texts long enough to clear their mind; for others, they’re working long hours to keep finances stable. It can be easy to lose sight of life’s small comforts.
Get Inspired | LA Relaxed
While there’s no quick fix, we decided to start small and take a walk around the neighborhood. Without the distraction of a podcast or phone call, there is so much to notice. Working in a creative field, it’s important to take a step back from the nuts-and-bolts tasks and allow new inspiration.
Fall Moodboard | LA RELAXED
The texture of a crumbling wall, an unintentionally beautiful paint combination, hazy sunlight through eucalyptus leaves; all of these vignettes have inspired us to look for renewal in the simple moments amidst the chaos.
Fall Moodboard | LA RELAXED
Sometimes a moment of awareness is all you need to shift your thinking and re-structure the day’s priorities. Comfort can be found in leaning into the backdrop of the day and making the it the focal point.
 Fall Moodboard | LA RELAXED
Breathe. See. Enjoy. Relax.