Hemp Love: Why We Love Hemp Textiles

Hemp Love: Why We Love Hemp Textiles
The use of the Hemp plant in textiles is becoming more widespread in the apparel world, particularly in the sustainable realm. This is nothing new – Hemp has been used for thousands of years to make fabrics, rope, and even paper. While the fiber lost popularity in the United States due to the stigma and associations of Marijuana, Hemp is experiencing a well-deserved resurgence.
Hemp Textiles
Fabric Matters
Hemp is extremely versatile; It can be used in raw form to create earthy, natural looking materials or distilled into viscose to form silky-soft fabrics. Either way, Hemp fibers offer high durability and have a tensile strength that is eight times that of Cotton. It only gets softer with age and washing while still retaining it’s integrity.
Fabrics made of Hemp fibers are breathable and have a natural resistance to mildew, along with moisture wicking properties that make it a great anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic material. Hemp fibers also have inherent UV-blocking properties. If all that wasn’t enough, hemp fibers are biodegradable, meaning your comfy joggers or favorite dress will one day return back to the earth (rather than sit rotting in a landfill).
Sunset Flare Pant in Charcoal 
Sunset Flare Pant in Charcoal.
Eco Footprint
Hemp is a miraculous crop: it grows quickly, produces a high-fiber yield per acre, and deposits nutrients into the soil, leaving the earth in better condition for the next crop. It requires no pesticides and acts as a natural weed-repellent, making it not just environmentally friendly but actually environment-enhancing.
 Hemp Fibers
Hemp Yarns and Fabrics.
Hemp Love
We love working with this fiber so much we designed our Resort Collection around a lightweight French Terry that blends Hemp and Organic Cotton. Our Hemp/Organic Cotton French Terry feels luxuriously soft on skin but has just enough structure to keep the silhouettes looking polished.
Daybreak Hoodie Dress - Ethical and Organic Clothing 
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