How Do We Stand Out?

In a world brimming with loungewear, how do we stand out? We’re not the loudest voice in the sustainable niche, nor do we have the unlimited marketing dollars it seems to require to gain a foothold in the collective fashion consciousness. We do, however, come by our ethos honestly. We’ve never considered producing our apparel anywhere but the city we live in. There’s nothing relaxed about sourcing slave labor and there’s nothing sustainable about importing synthetic or low quality fabric.
With the influx of greenwashing in the sustainable marketplace, the importance of transparency seems more urgent than ever. We are a small brand, founded in 2015 by one woman who is passionate about sustainability. This brand was created as an antithesis to fast fashion. Our small team has grown slowly over the past 5 years with great intention as to who we bring into our family and how we scale without sacrificing our core tenets.
We only work with vendors (fabric mills, trim suppliers, etc) that we trust and can collaborate with. We give no power to a supply chain that values the bottom line over humanity. The fabric we choose is usually developed by our team, using quality fibers that are often used by luxury brands. Our garments are intentionally not priced at luxury margins because we genuinely want to make sustainable apparel accessible to a wider audience, despite domestic labor costing double what it does when producing in another country.
So back to our original question, how do we stand out in this saturated arena? Maybe we don’t, but maybe that’s ok. Because we are committed to consistency, ethical manufacturing, sustainable materials, feel-good silhouettes, versatility, authentic diversity, and making clothing that makes YOU feel good. It’s not really about us standing out, it’s about you.