National Water Quality Month

The month of August is National Water Quality Month, marking the perfect time to learn how to keep our water sparkling and clean. We drink water every day and recreationally use many rivers and oceans, so why not make our local water as fresh as it can be?
 According to the National Parks Conservation Association, “207 of our 397 national parks — 52 percent — have waterways that are considered “impaired” under the Clean Water Act, meaning they do not meet appropriate water quality standards.” This is due to contaminants upstream or further outside the parks.That shocking statistic shows that we need to take action to improve our waterways and reduce our output of pollution. We all live on a watershed, or an area of land that drains into a waterway whether that is a lake or river. The better we take care of our watershed, the cheaper it is to remove contaminants out of our water! It’s a win-win situation: cleaner water for the environment and us!
We’ve compiled a list of a few ways to keeps our waterways clean and protect our watersheds!
  1. Throw out any household products into the trashcan instead of washing them down the drain. Detergents, household cleaners, and other liquid chemicals are frequently poured down the drain. Instead of the sink drain being their destination, toss them in the trash or take them to recycling centers so they are disposed of properly and don’t pollute our waterways with chemicals. Additionally, try to use more natural cleansers like baking soda to keep your kitchen clean and chemical free.


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  1. Pick up after your pups! Every time your dog uses the bathroom, that waste has the possibility of being washed down storm drains. Not only does that contaminate our water, but also our oceans. Simple solution: make sure to always have a couple bags on hand-even better, biodegradable ones.

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  1. Have a lovely vegetable garden, but you want to get rid of pests? Use natural bug repellents instead of the harsh chemical pesticides and insecticides. The chemicals leach into our soil and can run off into our many sources of water. You wouldn’t want chemical ridden fruits and veggies so don’t let chemicals contaminate your waterways too.

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  1. Join a cleanup. There are many local options to join either a beach or river cleanup. It’s a great way to not only improve our environment, but is also a fun get-together too. Heal the Bay, based in Santa Monica, hosts monthly beach cleanups on the third Saturday of every month. Get a group of friends together, put on some gloves, and help keep our beautiful beaches and rivers clean.

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