Photojournal: Autumn Beachscape

Autumn at the California coast, specifically in Malibu, is beautifully mild. The days are still mostly sunny but the haze and changes in light alter the visual perception. The sky and water become destaurated, the sand darkens, and jewel-like green sea moss adds a pop of color against the wet slate and charcoal rocks. 
The afternoons take on a movie-like quality as the clouds shift and the sun starts to dip into the sapphire water. Gentle breezes turn into nights with a hint of chill and dewy mornings.  There's less swimming, but still plenty of waterside strolls during low tides. It's one of the most beautiful seasons along the Malibu beaches - less crowds lend to stunning, wide open vistas and a sense of realxation. 
It's a time to explore, re-charge, and unwind.......take a moment to breathe and enjoy the view.


waves crashing on rocks malibu

Views from above.


distressed pier driftwood beach wood

Weathered wood.


mossy beach rocks

Green moss on beach rocks.


malibu coast

Views up the coast in Malibu.



ocean view beach los angeles malibu

Ocean views in October.


beach stairs

Stairs to the beach.


sustainable ethical organic cotton blanket




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