Q & A with Rosalie, Founder of World Changer Co.

Q & A with Rosalie, Founder of World Changer Co.

We asked Rosalie Roberts, founder of World Changer Co. about her passion for sustainability, top eco tips, and a few of her favorite things. 


Rosalie wears the Sequence Bralette and Soular Shortie, part of our Athlounge Collection.

Q: What was the impetus for World Changer Co.?

A: I had just made the full commitment to only shop sustainable and ethical clothing. I was finding that any lists would only show the brands paying to be promoted. I knew there were plenty more options out there, so I decided to start the directories so others sharing my struggle would have all the good options I’ve ever found to browse from.

Q: Favorite Eco-Friendly Fabric?

A: My favorite eco friendly fabric is TENCEL™ Lyocell. A lot of sustainable brands use linen, which I love too, but brands are able to do so many fun designs with Lyocell. It’s made with eucalyptus and there are beautiful eucalyptus trees in Hawai’i where I live so that’s fun too.

Q: What are your top 3 sustainable tips?

A: Shop secondhand first, Don’t get overwhelmed - as soon as you start cutting out single-use, your mindset changes and it becomes natural and fun. Use my categorized directories to shop your needs.

Q: How does living on an island impact your view of sustainability?

A: It definitely causes me to care more for people and our planet. Surfing and hiking give me so much life and therefore the passion to keep the ocean and land clean. The island culture here is to care for everyone, even if they are a complete stranger, so over time it just kicks the individualism out of you.

Q: What does a perfect day look like to you?

A: The more of my friends I get to be with, the better. If we get to work on our passion projects together, surf, then all eat good local food, the day is perfect!


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