Slow Fashion for the Planet

The spirit behind Earth Day is something we celebrate every day around these parts. In fact, kindness towards the planet is one of the core reasons the brand was founded in 2015 and the heartbeat that keeps us going despite the challenges of producing a sustainable slow fashion brand.

Organic Cotton Sweatshirt

What is slow fashion? Simply put, it's the opposite of fast fashion; cheaply made, rapidly produced, trend-focused apparel that is made at great cost to the environment (and often to the humans making it).

Slow fashion involves some key elements:

1) Producing in smaller batches to avoid waste and overstock.

2) Working primarily with eco-friendly fabrics when possible (like Organic Cotton and Lyocell).

3) Manufacturing in an ethical and mindful way to ensure workers are paid fairly and treated humanely.

4) Making items locally (for us, that means we make everything in LA, including knitting our fabric here).

5) Holding ourselves to a higher standard of quality, so clothing lasts years, not a season.

Modal Lounge Set

Why is this better for our planet? The environmental impact of slow fashion is significantly less. Using sustainable fabrics means less chemicals used and water wasted, local supply chains and domestic manufacturing make for a decreased carbon footprint (less shipping = less emissions) as well as supporting local economies, and an ethical company culture makes for less stress and better energy flowing through all of us.

On the consumer level (you!) investing in quality clothing means ultimately buying less but knowing where your clothing is coming from while being able to develop a genuine relationship with brands you resonate with.

Earth Day Everyday Logo

We want you to look good, but most importantly feel good about how your clothes are made. We thank you for all your support this Earth Day and EVERY Day.