Sustainability Starts in Your Closet: Slow Fashion and Capsule Dressing


Sustainability is one of the core concepts of LA RELAXED. To us, this means using high-quality, earth friendly materials, but it goes further than that. We create clothes that are well constructed, versatile, and flatter a range of figures. This means our pieces will last, but look (and most importantly FEEL) good, season after season. This ties into both the idea of slow fashion and capsule dressing.
Happy Relaxed Smiling Woman Sun Logo 
Slow fashion is simply the opposite of fast fashion – well made pieces meant to last for a long time, which can be worn across seasons, and become a part of the fabric of your life. Our silhouettes are carefully designed to fit real bodies of all shapes and sizes and make them look their best.
The fabrics we gravitate toward (like linen, modal, and hemp) are ultra-soft and luxurious to enhance all-day comfort, as well as being kind to the planet. We love classic stripes and rich solid tones that pair equally well with sweatpants or tailored work looks. Our very favorite silhouettes, like the Weekend Top, are cut in new fabrics each season.
Weekend Modal Jersey Top
We believe wholeheartedly in the idea of capsule dressing as a compliment to slow fashion. A sleek, well-edited wardrobe makes so much sense in our over-booked, plugged-in world. Not only does a carefully curated closet make getting dressed each day joyfully simple, it ensures that you’re always wearing something that makes you feel your best - AND it creates less waste and leaves less of a footprint on the environment.
A well edited capsule closet
Clothing isn’t just a necessity but these days it’s a form of self care. We can’t think of anything more important than feeling good about what’s next to our skin all day.