With summer’s heat still blazing away (likely well into the Fall here in Southern California), lightweight woven pieces have become a daily staple. They keep us feeling cool but still put together. The fabric matters too, and this season we are all about Linen.
Linen Sustainability | Madewell Linen
Linen is made of the flax plant and is a highly sustainable crop. Growing it consumes minimal water and it can grow heartily in poor soil where other crops cannot. The entire plant can be used after harvesting which means minimal waste. As for the resulting fabric, linen is durable and leaves skin feeling fresh due to it’s natural breath-ability and capacity to absorb moisture.
Amelia Linen Viscose Dress | Eco Friendly
The Amelia Dress in Granite.
Another fabric we have been exploring is Eco-Viscose. Although traditional viscose and rayon have a bad rap due to deforestation and high chemical use, we’ve sourced a viscose (basically a fiber made from various wood pulps) that uses a closed loop process to recycle and minimize water and chemical use. Our Eco-Viscose adds a beautiful drape and smooth hand feel to any garment. We are excited to incorporate more Eco-Viscose into our collection soon but for now you can find it (blended with Linen) in our Amelia Dress.
Sustainable Fashion | Amelia Dress
The Amelia Dress in Marigold.
While we love these fabrics for their ability to keep us comfortable in warmer months, they are also wonderful for seasonal transitions. A light jacket or heavier denim adds structure and balance as autumn approaches and allows you keep these beautiful fabrics as staple wardrobe items through most of the year.