Things Are Looking A Little we're adapting.

Things are looking a little different around our Los Angeles factory……. extra face masks, doors propped open to minimize touching, surfaces being sanitized constantly throughout the day; but we’re still going (with a few changes)!
Blonde woman works from home on a laptop
Our Sustainability Officer, Ava, works from home.
The health and safety of our employees and customers is our top priority. Our customer service and office staff have gone remote as much as possible for the time being (so please bear with us if your questions or returns take a bit longer to process as get up and running in a new way). In the warehouse, our diligent sewing and quality control staff are working reduced on-site hours and we’ve stocked up on all the essentials to keep everyone safe.
Our shipping manager is carefully overseeing your packages – all our stock is already kept in carefully separated and hygienic bins and all orders are being picked and packed with fresh gloves.
 Striped watercolor heart
On a human note, we recognize that emotional comfort and mental health are key in trying times. We’re doing daily check-ins with each other to share family updates, concerns, and just talk through anything on our minds. Staying connected in this way is crucial to maintaining hope and balance.
We’re a small company, and many of us have worked together for years. Supporting each other is a given and what that support looks like may change day to day as we all navigate this together. As a company and community, we are optimistic that we will come through this, hopefully with a renewed perspective and priorities, and continue our mission for a more sustainable and ethical apparel industry.