Why Do We Love Lenzing™ Modal?

Why Do We Love Lenzing™ Modal?


 Lenzing™ Modal is produced in Austria and mainly composed of beech wood pulp that is made into cellulosic (or plant-based) fibers. The raw materials, the Beech wood trees, are harvested from both natural forests and sustainably managed plantations. The wood is reduced to fragments and chips that can be turned into usable pulp.

Beech Tree


The fiber production uses a “closed-loop” process, which means the water and solvent used to transform wood pulp to a soft fiber is recycled back for re-use at a recovery rate of ninety-nine percent. In addition to the low environmental impact of the harvest and production process, the fibers are biodegradable and compostable, allowing them to eventually revert back to nature.


Modal Production Process

 While durability, smoothness, and drape are the well-known hallmarks of Modal fabric, it possesses many other benefits. Fabrics made of Modal yarns are able to absorb and release moisture, which supports our bodies’ natural thermal regulation processes. This makes Modal fabrics ideal for year round use – they are light weight enough to layer through cooler weather and breathable enough for warmer temperatures.
Beech Leaf
The absorbency and wicking properties of Modal translate to less moisture collecting on the fabric’s surface, which inhibits bacteria growth, making this a more hygienic fabric. The silkiness inherent in fabrics made with Modal yarns also means less wrinkling. Another key feature of the fabric is it’s color retention – the colors won’t fade as quickly as comparable synthetic fabrics or come out in the wash.,
Lila Modal Tank Top
Although there are many wonderful sustainable fabric options in the marketplace, Lenzing™ Modal is one of our favorites to use because of the comfort and versatility it offers. Check out the styles below to see how Lenzing™ Modal can create different completely looks.









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