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Who Are We? 

Where it’s made, who’s making it, and what it’s made of is at the heart of LA Relaxed. We believe that it’s time for the eco-friendly fashion movement to expand and move toward ‘responsibly made’ fashion. Sustainability has focused on the environmental issues and that definition must now include the social and human issue, as well. We need to start designing, sourcing, producing, and selling with more responsibility and accountability, both environmentally and socially.


What's In Our Clothing?

We are excited to see the fashion industry embrace new technologies from waterless dyeing, to improved mechanical recycling for poly & cotton, to high-tech methods of printing. It's an amazing opportunity to push for a larger industry shift toward widespread supply-chain transparency. We pride ourselves in using sustainable, organic and recycled fibers in all of  our garments. It often isn't easy to get the right blend of fibers to achieve the perfect hand, but that's the exciting part of our job! 



Tencel is a sustainable fabric, regenerated from wood cellulose. It is similar in hand to rayon and bamboo, both regenerated fabrics. However, Tencel is one of the most environmentally friendly regenerated fabrics, for several reasons. Tencel’s supply chain is transparent, it is obtained from eucalyptus trees that are grown on farms—no old growth forests, genetic manipulation, irrigation, or pesticides are used. Tencel fibers are grown sustainably. The fiber is produced via an advanced 'closed loop' solvent spinning process, with minimal impact on the environment and economical use of energy and water.  




Made from beech wood chips, Modal combines the benefits of natural fiber and the fantastically soft feel of modern microforms. It is a new kind of natural fabric with the ability to absorb moisture like cotton and the luster of silk. It remains soft and lustrous after several washes.The yarn has the character of high strength, softness and brilliant luster. Garments made from Modal travel well, which means no need to iron them after unpacking. 


Organic Cotton



 Organic Cotton is cotton that is grown without using any chemical fertilizers or pesticides on it. It is grown on land that has been treated and given sufficient time; at least three years. Organic cotton comes from original plants, meaning plants that are not genetically modified and that have not been treated with any chemicals like washes, bleaches, colors, or scents during its processing and packaging. It is also health-friendly and environmentally-friendly. Organic Cotton can rightly be called the most skin-friendly, most soothing, and most harmless natural fiber. All cotton used in our garments is certified organic, we will never use cotton that doesn't meet organic standards. 


Ethically Responsible

Ethical fashion is rooted in the belief that fashion can be stylish and accessible  to a consumer, without exploiting workers or the environment in the process. It’s the idea that you can feel good about the clothing hanging in your closet because it's made by an ethical sewing manufacturer and from material that respects our planet. We partner with domestic vendors to keep our products made in the USA and to provide local jobs. All of our employees are paid a fair wage for their hard work and provided with better than adequate working conditions. We will continue to strive to set new standards for ourselves and we hope more companies will do the same.