Musings is a series honoring our 'Muses' - women that inspire us by creating art, beauty, and life in their own special way.

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Coco Maisonette is a slow fashion house hand-crafted with love by the California coast. We speak with Coco about her passion for slow design, coastal living, and motherhood.

What initially inspired you to start Coco Maisonette?

I have always loved fashion. As a little girl, I would put together pictures from magazines in my journal and later on Polyvore.  I studied fashion in high school and debated going to FIDM, but went to hair school instead (another passion of mine!) 

In 2018, I saw “The True Cost.” documentary which introduced me to the horrors of ‘fast fashion’ and it changed my life. I sobbed so hard after watching it, but watching that and realizing what the fast fashion industry is changed me and I knew sustainable fashion was a path I HAD to pursue. I had always wanted to start with my own sustainable line, but it really came down to I just didn’t believe in myself and thought there was no way I could make change to the fast fashion industry with my small contribution.

Then I had my daughter and everything changed. This was a dream I’ve had and I knew that if I am going to teach my daughter to follow her dreams, I needed to do the same. The time felt right and even though I was terrified of what people would think and was nervous about being a “beginner” again, I decided to go for it.

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What's your favorite part about the design process?

My absolute favorite part is when I receive the first sample of an item I  spent so long dreaming up. It’s so exciting to feel it, try it on, and have my friends try it on. It just feels concrete and real - like the hard work is paying off.

But I’ve got to say my other favorite part is the very beginning. I live by the ocean so my designs are definitely inspired by that coastal, vintage, timeless look. I want things that are easy and beautiful to wear and I love coming up with ideas while being surrounded by the ocean which I think is one of the most majestic and beautiful creations.


How has motherhood enriched your creativity?

When I’m taking walks by the ocean with my daughter, I think about things that I want to wear with her now and then I think about her coming into my closet in 10 years and stealing those exact things to go walk by the ocean together.

Even though I’ve always wanted my clothing line to stand the test of time, becoming a mother has definitely inspired that in me. I want to create heirloom pieces that I can pass down to my daughter. I want to pick silhouettes and prints that I love now and that she will also love in the future.

Motherhood is a new season of beginning again and is an act of creation. I love creativity in every form (painting, playing the piano, sketching outfits, admiring nature) and I feel like motherhood has given me a renewed sense of courage to create.


What's your favorite part of the day?

Smooth mornings are my absolute favorite. I love eating a nourishing breakfast and going for a walk. It clears my head and revives my spirit. Also if you have a toddler, you know how cute it is to wake up and see their bed head and know that they are your baby. I love the evenings when baby is in bed, the house is picked up, I eat a little treat, and I read a book. Having that alone time where I can reflect on the day and take time for myself is healing and so very needed.

What activities do you incorporate to nourish yourself or reset?

My absolute favorite activity that nourishes my soul is reading. I read a book every single night. I have a Kindle and I swear by it. I love to read and it makes me feel like I’m doing something fun for myself, but is also very relaxing.

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